Friday, February 29, 2008

Various Items

  • The Antikythera Survey Project (ASP) has a nice website. The results page has links to brief overviews of Prehistoric , Classical-Roman, and Medieval-Recent Pottery. These pages are available in Greek as well. The Downloads page provides access to a selection of field-data and imagery.
  • On a related note, the ASP page on Classical-Roman Pottery links to a PDF of Acta Terrae Septemcastrensis V.1 (2006). Speaking of 'rare publications', Worldcat lists one institution that subscribes to this series, though there may be cataloging issues hiding other holdings. But this one volume can't be rare if it's online, right? Download it for the many contributions that include ceramic evidence. For example, the ASP article on page 223 by Nikoleta Pyrrou illustrates a stamped Phokaian Red-Slip (LRC) sherd and some hard to make out Late Roman Amphora 2.
  • I've poked about Search Pigeon, a Google Custom Search tool for open-access journals. Searching for 'roman pottery' led me to Hrčak: Portal of scientific journals of Croatia, on which I found Kristina Jelinčić's Roman Pottery from Ilok, and to Marwan Abu Khalaf, Ibrahim Abu A‘mar, Salah Al-Houdalieh, and Robert Hoyland's The Byzantine and Early Islamic settlement of Khirbat Shuwayka. The latter has nice color images of late roman pottery.
  • The UPenn library now lists Babesch - Bulletin Antieke Beschaving in its digital holdings. Among other titles, I downloaded D. Malfitana, J. Poblome and J. Lund, Eastern Sigillata A in Italy: a socio-economic evaluation, vol. 80 (2005) and D. Steures' Late Roman Thirst: how dark coloured drinking sets from Trier were used, vol. 77 (2002). I am glad to now have both in my collection of digital offprints.

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