Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Various Items

  • The list of watchable video episodes at Emerging Cypriot, from the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project, continues to grow. The second and third shorts have a lot of ceramic content and are well-worth downloading. The whole idea is great but I have a critique of the presentation. When you go to the site, the titles of the not yet released episodes are shown but you have to mouse-over thumbnail images representing the available ones to see what you're going to get. This is odd and may prioritize the visual effect triggered by the mouse-over rather than the experience of a user trying to find a particular episode. When they are all released, it will be hard to find any one title.
  • The PDF of F. de Callata├┐ and H. Gitler's The Coin of Coins
  • illustrates a nice overlap between ceramic and numismatic imagery on page 38.
  • Gabriel Bijovsky's article A Byzantine Gold Hoard from Bet She'an from the American Numismatic Society Magazine has images of sixth to seventh century ceramics as well. The full publication of the hoard is in Revue Numismatique 158 (2002).

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Bill Caraher said...


Thanks for the critique of the Emerging Cypriot page. I need the change this.

Folks here in Athens claim it has a Brady Bunch feeling to it. I don't know...