Friday, October 12, 2007

High Quality Information at No Cost

It seems that most books on ceramics that I want to order now cost over $100. This is disappointing as it locks out many potential users. It's therefore gratifying to see the online and free availability of "Chronologies of the Black Sea Area in the Period c. 400-100 BC" from Aarhus University Press. There are some superb ceramics articles in this volume.

One complaint: it's annoying and pointless to have set up the PDFs so you can't copy-and-paste or print. If I ever need to, I can get around this restriction with not too much effort. More generally, what scenario is being avoided here by this step? Again, PDF is not stopping "the bad guys" and anyway, I can't think of who "the bad guys" are. If somebody really does intend to produce a hard copy for illegal resale, it's recourse to the courts that will stop them, not any minor technological impediment.

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