Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Corinth Excavations: Archaeological Site Manual

There are many terrific internet resources for the study of Mediterranean ceramics, and over time I will mention more and more of these. To start with, here's a little known gem: the pdf file Corinth Excavations: Archaeological Site Manual. In it you'll find a chart of generic forms and a terminology for vessel parts, as well as standardized charts for describing fabric. See page 31 and following for all this and more. It's not all directly relevant to ceramics but it's all interesting. And if anybody from the excavations sees this... how about updating the rest of the site?

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Unknown said...

Over the past couple of years the whole manual has been completely overhauled and we are doing the illustrations. We field tested it this summer asking for and getting useful site assistant feed back. We'll post it when we are finished