Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Summer of Roman Pottery Pictures?

I've been posting a few pictures of Roman pottery (writ large) to my Twitter feed. My colleague at ISAW Irene Soto has posted a nice image of an amphora display case from the Crypta Balbi in Rome to my wall on FaceBook.

Perhaps more pottery-loving folk want to join in the fun? I prefer Twitter for this sort of sharing because it skips the FaceBook "confirm friend" step. Tweet and everyone can see it.

Then in the fall Irene and I will host an informal get together at ISAW along the lines of "What Roman Pottery I Photographed this Summer." With an emphasis on the "informal". As in, "host" may be a strong word and it's not something that we'd even call a "workshop", let alone "conference". We'll at least set up a projector in a room and share what we have. Obviously, not many people will be able to come but perhaps it will work out for at a few folk already in NYC.

How about a hastag of #rompot2012 for tweets? I'll start using that.

And I don't mean this to be a call for posting unpublished material. More along the lines of, "If a museum let's you take pictures, that may well mean they don't mind you tweeting." Make your own determination and join in if you can.

Finally, yes, this can work for other categories of ceramics, and for pieces not in museums, or other objects for that matter. Roman pottery is on my mind right now, but so are many other things.

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