Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ancient Mediterranean Objects at the NMHN

Using to track URIs. Here's an Ancient Mediterranean object at the National Museum of Natural History.

If you're reading this at , that's part of the experiment as well.


Eric Kansa said...

OK! I can't stand the suspense what about Posterous is useful about tracking URIs?

Sebastian Heath said...


Not sure yet or if it is. But I really like using e-mail to create a short post. I first set up my posterous account to auto forward to blogger. But I've backed off from that. Now it just goes to twitter. I can imagine using:

1) twitter for really short things.
2) Posterous for slightly longer but still "quick".
3) Blogger for the relatively rare, more lengthy discussion.

Twitter, which I reflect on FaceBook, will give a feed for all of these.