Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coin Hoards, Timelines and KML is a KML file that shows findspots of hoards with coins of Thasos in them. You can see that file rendered with the Google Map API at

This post is about viewing the KML file in Google Earth. If you do that, you'll see a Timeline slider appear in the top left of the G Earth window. Slide the control to the right and you'll see an explosion of hoards towards the north following the mid-2nd century BC. It's really quite dramatic so give it a shot.

One part of an explanation is that Thasos started striking large numbers of new larger tetradrachms following 148 BC, with many of these traveling north. Exactly why is a matter of historical interpretation. The Roman province of Macedon was established in 146 B.C. and that had a profound effect on both the issuance and circulation of coinage. is about making this information more accessible so that more scholars can engage with the question.

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