Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New KML files for hoards and mints on is the project I work on with my colleagues at the ANS and elsewhere to establish stable URIs for numismatic concepts. Development sometimes moves slowly but I've recently added new functionality for the mapping side of things. I'm facing one annoying bug but I think it's worth reporting this progress. So...

  1. will bring up the html page for the mint of Eretria in Greece. You'll see a very brief label for the site, co-ordinates, and a link to the relevant Wikipedia article.
  2. is a kml file that just shows the location of the mint.
  3. is much more fun. It shows the location of the mint plus all the mappable hoards that have Eretrian coins in them. 'Mappable' is just an indication that we haven't entered findspots for all hoards. But we're moving as fast as we can.

This pattern is generalized. and do what you would expect. shows just the findspot of the hoard. shows findspot and location of the mints of the coins found in the hoard.

Open these files in Google Earth for best effect.

There are links to the related kml files on each page and I've also put <link> elements in each page's head (cf. S. Gillies' blog post for discussion).

The annoying bug is that when I show those maps on the site using the Google Maps API, not all mints or findspots appear. Not sure why that is, but I'm guessing I've got something incorrectly formatted. Or there is some limit in how many Network Links the Maps API will load in a short period of time. I'll investigate and fix.

More concisely, will show you a mint and findspots for its coins. As noted, not all information is entered; but we can begin to talk about the site and its data as a resource for mapping economic connections within the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East.

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