Monday, March 9, 2009

ARS in Wikipedia

In a fit of procrastination some time back, I started a Wikipedia article for African Red Slip. I've just added a bit today. Improvements can be made on the page itself (hint, hint).

A note on capitalization: wiki-style prefers lower-case. See the editing history for the change from "African Red Slip" to "African red slip". Many archaeologists may think of ARS as something of a proper noun. Either way is OK by me.

And, boy, do I hate typing wikicode in those text-entry boxes. But it's all for a good cause.


Steko said...

A Wikipedia page looks like a good thing!
Now I wonder when/whether we will be able to build some sort of "online tipology" using the same wiki-approach. That would imply lots of benefits, like easier updates and wider availability.

Unknown said...

Hi Sebastian,

I was very interested to read this post, and indeed the wikipedia article you started. With two friends, I've been setting up a wiki-based reference site for archaeology (, and I would be very eager indeed for you to contribute. Currently most of our content takes the form of short introductory reference articles. The way it is intended to work is that through having a 'vetted' membership (we either ask people who register to tell us a bit about themselves, or search for their online footprint) and using a wiki format, we create a very basic kind of peer review to ensure reliabilty, and we also insist on in-text referencing.

With regard to the thought of your other commenter, we are also planning to develop some online reference collections. This is a new idea though, and as yet there is only one article intended for inclusion the collection, written by me on the land snail Discus rotundatus.

I appreciate that you might take the view that to contribute would be a duplication of effort, but we are very much in need of a wider array of specialists, and I really would love some articles on ceramics in general, especially to help launch the "reference collection"

All the best,

Matthew Law