Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Two Publications: SFECAG (2007) and Kyme e l'Eolide

1: I mentioned that Librairie Archéologique sent me a mail order catalog. Included in the envelope was a separate sheet advertising the availability of Actes du congrès SFECAG de Langres, 2007. Here's a direct link to the LibrArch site. If that doesn't work search for the reference 34884. At the moment, the direct link lists the volume as "Indisponible à la vente". I hope that's a temporary shortage as I just got the notice.

But what is SFECAG? The acronym stands for Société Française d'Étude de la Céramique Antique en Gaule. The organization's website is at http://sfecag.free.fr/.

The Society's main activity is the holding of an annual congress and subsequent publication of the papers. Volumes have appeared since 1985. Collectively, the series is a great resource for keeping track of what French ceramicists are up to. Among my favorite articles is L. Rivet et al. (2001). "Les sigillées tardives des fouilles 1946-1970 de Saint-Blaise (Bouches-du-Rhône)," Société Française d’Étude de la Céramique Antique en Gaule: Actes du Congrès de Lille-Bavay, 24-27 Mai 2001. Marseille: 489-515. Among other observations, the authors publish seven sherds of Cypriot Red-Slip from the late Antique phases of this rural site.

These volumes are not well represented in US libraries. If you search for "SFECAG" in Worldcat.org you only get European libraries for the various volumes that are listed. Searching for "Société Française d’Étude de la Céramique Antique en Gaule" and clicking within the resulting list shows some US libraries. But it has not been easy to order these volumes so I'm glad to see LibrArch carrying some of them.

2: Vincenzo di Giovanni has been kind enough to send me an offprint of his article "Ceramica romana e tardo antica di Kyme. Osservazione preliminari sui materiali dagli scavi dell'Università di Napoli 'Frederico II'" found in L. Scatozza Höricht, ed. (2007). Kyme e l'Eolide da Augusto a Costantino. Atti dell'Incontro internazionale di studio Missione archeologica italiana : Napoli, 12-13 dicembre 2005 Naples. I don't have access to the whole volume yet so I'm happy to have this preview. As noted by Dr. Di Giovanni in an e-mail correspondence, the Kyme assemblage overlaps well with what we have at Ilion/Troy. Not ware-for-ware, form-for-form but the two sites are close enough to be part of similar large-scale exchange networks.

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