Friday, March 28, 2008

Mediterranean Ceramics Reference Stability Report, Number 6

The MCRSR first appeared in October, 2007. For the sixth installment, I am again making only one addition, no. 17, the section "Abbassid Ceramics" in the Discover Islamic Art exhibition from the Museum With No Frontiers. This is a very well done website that has received substantial European Union and other funding. It will be interesting to see if the information it offers remains available over the long term.

The previously listed URLs for MCRSR items 1 through 16 remain valid. At the time of writing, I can't access number 3, Lattara 6, but I believe this is only a temporary disruption.

Number 10, the Perseus Vase Catalog, announces that "Perseus is changing! Please visit Perseus 4.0 for the current version". The new URL is At some point, it may be appropriate to update item 10, but for now I am going to hold off until the current URL becomes invalid.

1. Walters' Catalogue of the Roman Pottery in the Departments of Antiquities, British Museum from Google Books:

2. Robinson's Agora V from JSTOR:

3. Lattara 6:

4. K. Greene's AJA article on Early Roman lead glazed pottery:

5. Heath and Tekkök, Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia):

6. Vessel from Çatalhoyuk (via Flickr):

7. A Late Minoan III Pyxis from the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

8. An undocumented ARS Hayes 70 bowl from the dealer Classical Numismatics Group:

9. Fifteenth Century Mosque Lamp from Jerusalem now in the British Museum:

10. The Perseus Project Vase Catalog:

11. Wikimedia Commons Image of a Greek Geometric Skyphos in the Louvre:

12. Sagalassos from Pleiades:

13. Inscribed pot from Aphrodisias (HTML):

14. Inscribed pot from Aphrodisias (XML):

15. Hellenistic lamp from Assos, Turkey at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:

16. Open Context record for Halaf period jar from Domuztepe, Turkey:

17. Abbasid Ceramics from the Museum With No Frontiers:

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