Saturday, January 19, 2008

GRBPIlion now CC

Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery from Ilion (Troia) is now clearly marked as being released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported license. Previously, only the PDF version was CC. Now you can download the whole publication and redistribute it if you so please. To make this easier, all the files are compiled into a single TAR ball. FYI, it's about 170 meg.

Our hope is that this will make the information more useful and also allow other institutions to archive and redistribute the material themselves.

An eventual "target audience" for the TAR ball is librarians and administrators of digital repositories. GRBPIlion is still very fluid so I don't know how this will fit into the acquisition strategies of such entities. We will be doing things like getting an ISBN (or maybe an ISSN) but we are also eager for suggestions of how best to make this resource consumable by anyone thinking about long-term preservation of scholarly information.


Umbriel said...

Should the CVAonline link be corrected to have the www in the URL? My firefox won't direct to the site without it. Or is it just me?? Thanks!

Sebastian Heath said...

Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

Chuck Jones said...

Here's a stab at a MARC record for it, in Ambrosia, the union catalogue of The American School of Classical Studies at Athens and The British School.

Sebastian Heath said...

That's extremely useful.

So... it is tempting to put a generic MARC record in GRBPIlion for other libraries to use. Along the lines of physical volumes coming "shelf ready" from publishers/distributors. What's the etiquette/form for citing yours as the original? Or should I just link into AMBROSIA?